The Israeli Children’s Museum

The Israeli Children’s Museum

The Israeli Children’s Museum, located in Holon, is an interactive educational institution aimed at children of all ages. It offers a unique learning experience through various exhibits and activities. The museum’s mission is to stimulate curiosity and creativity among children, engaging their personal and social development. By providing hands-on and interactive experiences, the Israeli Children’s Museum encourages children to explore, and learn about various aspects of the world around them.

מוזיאון הילדים הישראלי

History and Evolution

The Israeli Children’s Museum was established in 2002 and has since become a popular destination for families, schools, and tourists. The concept of a children’s museum originated from the belief that children learn best through play and interactive experiences. Over the years, the museum has expanded its exhibits and programs, incorporating new technologies and innovative approaches to engage children in meaningful learning. It has collaborated with local and international organizations to enhance its offerings and provide diverse educational opportunities for children.

Exhibits and Activities

The museum offers a wide range of exhibits and activities designed to approach to the children’s interests. Each exhibit focuses on a specific theme, such as science, art, culture, or nature, and provides interactive experiences that involve the children’s senses and imagination. Children can explore a replica of a city, role-play different professions, participate in scientific experiments, create art, engage in sensory play, and learn about the diverse cultures and traditions of Israel and the world. The museum also hosts workshops, performances, and special events to further enrich children’s experiences.

Educational Impact

The Israeli Children’s Museum plays a crucial role in promoting education and learning outside the traditional classroom setting. Through its interactive exhibits and activities, the museum fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, social interaction, and cultural understanding among children. It encourages them to ask questions, explore different perspectives, and think critically about the world around them. By providing a safe and stimulating environment, the museum inspires a love for learning and instills confidence in children, empowering them to become active learners and engaged citizens.

Community Engagement and Outreach

The Israeli Children’s Museum actively engages with the local community through collaborations with schools, community centers, and other organizations. It offers educational programs and resources for educators, parents, and caregivers, promoting the importance of play-based learning and interactive experiences in early childhood development. The museum also reaches out to underprivileged communities, providing access to its exhibits and activities to children who may not have the opportunity otherwise. Through its outreach initiatives, the museum aims to create equal educational opportunities for all children, regardless of their background or socio-economic status.

Future Expansion and Innovation

As the museum continues to evolve, it seeks to expand innovative approaches to education. It plans to introduce new exhibits, incorporating new technologies and interactive platforms that consider the changing needs and interests of the kids. The museum also aims to strengthen its collaboration with international children’s museums and educational institutions, exchanging knowledge to further enhance its impact. By staying at the forefront of educational trends, the museum seeks to provide children with enriching experiences that inspire lifelong learning and curiosity.

:Opening hours

The museum’s exhibits are open as following:

dialogue in the dark– sunday to thursday and saturdays.

invitation to silence– sunday to thursday.

pre booking is always required. 

Each exhibit is suitable for different age groups.

It is very important to note that babies will not be allowed to enter the activities.

The english tours schedule for our special exhibits:

Dialogue in the dark / Invitation to silence , can be found on line.

The museum offers only guided tours so pre- booking is  always required.

For availability and reservations please use the online booking system. 

The younger children trails are open on saturdays and school vacations (hebrew tours).

English tours can be opened for a minimum of 6 participants according to the children’s ages.the same applies for “dialogue with time.

For more information, please contact 

:How to get there

Mifratz Shlomo St. Peres Park Holon
+972 3-650-3000