Footprints in the valley – Wall and Tower Museum

Footprints in the valley – Wall and Tower Museum

The “Eqavot Be Emek” museum is an active educational center that includes a regional and Mediterranean archeology department, and the “Wall and Tower” heritage department. The museum is within the boundaries of the national park “Gan Ha-Shlosha (Hasanah)” on both sides of the river
Both wings deal with the research and documentation of traces and signs left by the residents, passers-by and foreign conquerors in the Beit Shean Valley from ancient times to the present day.

What’s in the museum:

The “Wall and Tower” wing is a full-size reconstruction of “Tel-Amal”, the first in the settlements of Wall and Tower. In the courtyard surrounded by a wooden wall are the living quarters, the dining room, the kitchen and the laundry. Here you can see and understand how 57 settlements arose quickly, within one day or night, during the “eventful” days between the years 1936-1939, under British rule, how these settlements influenced the shaping of the borders of our country and in what difficult conditions the pioneers lived in those days.
In this wing there are activities illustrating the days of “Wall and Tower”. For example: experiencing the work required to build the wooden fort, building a wall, observation from the tower and deciphering a message in ‘Morse’ code, washing in the water of the stream and more. A pioneer meal, etc. For graduates – investigation of documents and press from that period. ​


The tower, the artery of life in the settlements of Homa and Migdal, was used for observation and communication. To transmit the messages to the settlers, the observer uses the speech tube along the length of the tower. In a field to the north, near a small mound, lived a Bedouin tribe of about 400 people. In the distance (to the south-east), you can see a high mound on which a concrete tower was built to protect the field guards.


In the museum you can see the protective wall. Its height was about 160 cm, and it had double sides and was filled with gravel against the penetration of bullets.

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday and Saturday 10am – 2pm
Fridays and holiday evenings – only for groups by prior arrangement

How to get there:

Gan hashlosha
Emek HaMa’ayanot 10803
(Nir David)